What Drives Us

We adamantly believe downtown is the heart of Aberdeen. It is the historic core of our community with buildings that embody our past and visual identity. Our downtown district is a reflection of our community pride, prosperity and investment – critical factors in business retention and recruitment efforts.

Huge public and private investment has made the downtown what it is today. Imagine how much it would cost to re-create all of the buildings and public infrastructure in our downtown. The area represents a significant portion of Aberdeen’s tax base. If we allow the district to decline, property values drop and place more of a tax burden on other parts of town. Additionally, a healthy main street core protects property values in surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Downtown is the hub where you’ll find the courthouse, our municipal buildings and a number of local businesses. It’s a prominent employment center and an ideal location for independent businesses, which in turn:

  • Keep profits in town, rather than chain businesses that send profits out of town
  • Provide a stable economic foundation, as opposed to a few large businesses and chains with no ties to stay in the community
  • Supports local community projects, like teams and schools
  • Supports local families with family-owned businesses
  • Support other local businesses and services

Given the concentration of things to see and do downtown, it’s become a tourist attraction for our area. When people travel or shop, they want to see unique places – especially ones that offer a unique shopping experience. Our independent shops, restaurants, bars and theater offer just the experience people are looking for. It’s also home to parades, special events and celebrations providing an intangible sense of community.

Aberdeen’s downtown is a vital component to our community and that’s what drives us to continue making improvements in the district. Take a look at some of the key milestones we’ve been a part of over the years.