Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Whether you’re out on your lunch break or out on the town – downtown is the place to be. You’ll find some great food, delicious coffee, amazing treats and a number of establishments known to have some pretty fabulous happy hour specials. Head to the area to find a craft beer (or 40) and enjoy some dishes prepared by talented, local restaurateurs. With South Dakota’s short window-of-opportunity, be sure to take advantage of the many outdoor seating options during the non-winter months while you’re here as well.

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Coffee Shops, Sweets & Treats

305 South Main Street

(605) 377-8214

Bars, Restaurants

20 3rd Ave SW

(605) 229-0922

Bars, Restaurants

14 3rd Ave SE


522 S Main Street


20 6th Ave SW Ste 4,

Bars, Restaurants

2 South Main Street

Coffee Shops, Sweets & Treats

344 1st Ave SE

Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Sweets & Treats

218 S Main St

(605) 225-6603

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Canterbury: A Cowgirl’s Deli

Restaurants, Sweets & Treats

412 S. Main St.

(605) 225-8599

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Roma Ristorante

Bars, Restaurants

104 S. Main Street

(605) 725-5757

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Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant

Bars, Restaurants

1 South 1st Street

(605) 229-1222


319 Main St. S.

(605) 262-4440