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Improvement Standards

If you’re a real estate or business owner looking to make improvements to your sign or outdoor space we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also be a great resource to point you in the direction of potential financial incentives that may be available to you. Please read the ordinances covering signs and softscapes before you take on a project to ensure you won’t run into any problems along the way.

Downtown Aberdeen Sign Ordinance

A sign ordinance has been established by the City Council to maintain a safe, professional standard of signage to be used among businesses in the Aberdeen Downtown Business Improvement District.

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Downtown Aberdeen Softscape Ordinance

In an effort to maintain a high quality of community aesthetics in the Aberdeen Downtown Business Improvement District, the City Council has established a set of ordinances to maintain a high level of aesthetic standards to benefit the City of Aberdeen.

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Downtown Aberdeen Sidewalk Ordinance

If you’re selling food or drinks you may have the ability to use a portion of the sidewalk as an outdoor dining area. We strongly encourage sidewalk cafes and exterior dining as they’re one of the biggest trends in a vibrant downtown area. People want to be where people are and it’s hard to miss people enjoying food and drinks outdoors. Please review the ordinance and let us know if you have questions about making this a reality for your business.

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