Production Monkeys


20 2nd Ave SE

(605) 262-5075
Founded in 2007, Production Monkeys is a full service graphic design agency offering corporate identity design, marketing material and design, website development, video production and marketing management. Essentially, if it needs to look nice, we can do it. We're also happy to chat through your marketing challenge and provide recommendations on how best to address it. Our portfolio spans a wide variety of businesses, from start-up companies to nonprofits to organizations big enough to require middle management. The industries we serve are equally as diverse and that’s how we like it. We get asked all the time: “Why Production Monkeys?” We don’t like stuffy, law-firm-sounding names. We’re not less serious, but we are a lot more fun. And we check our egos at the door. We’re here to produce great work not to create shrines to ourselves or to a board of directors. You'll love working with the monkeys because everyone on staff has impressive natural abilities, formal training and years of real world experience. We’re also fun to deal with as we are very discerning with our hiring. We want you to have a good experience and love the design you’re paying for. We have worked for, and with, agencies that have inflated egos and daily tee times. You’ll like dealing with us better. Our streamlined workflow ensures we’re spending our time as efficiently as possible. We ask the right questions up front and make sure everyone is aligned with the project’s direction early in the process. Perhaps most importantly, we charge a fair price for design and development with no hidden fees. If you're looking for some new life in your marketing or website, give us a call.